Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I've been busy with sanding walls and prepping walls and starting with the wall paper.  

This view I've put some insulation wrap over the windows to help with cooling the temps have been in the 100's 
Looking to the rear. With the outside temps hot this insulation wrap helped keep the temps in the low 70's with just one AC running.
This spot is where the refrigerator goes.      
Looking to the front!   
From the bathroom all of the ceiling panels are in and satisfactory. Whew!

This will be a hanging closet and drawer, there will be a double door that swings out for access. 

In the bedroom this is the start of the closet          and drawers. The cut out is the backup camera.

Another view of the bedroom.                          

Looking into the bathroom                               
Shower, the next project after the wall paper is finished      will be the ceramic tile floor and shower in both kitchen and bathroom.