Thursday, December 22, 2016

Saturday, September 06, 2014

This is the front edge of the base cabinets and the feeds and drain line for the kitchen sink.  That wire hanging down is for the under cabinet lighting over the counter top and sink.
Water lines coming from the water compartment below.  The water system is simple and inside which should help in the Winter.   The lines are also designed to allow for draining them when in storage.  These will be behind the kitchen base cabinets and below the bottom shelf.  I'll have a gas oven and range top in this corner of the kitchen, with a microwave with through wall exhaust in the wall cabinets.
Toilet installed, water lines installed, I still have to attach the last drain fitting. I allowed for a cover to hide these lines behind the toilet and you won't see them.
My new campanion Cooper he's a 5 month old Australian Shepard, (Mr. Energizer bunny).
Drivers side dash with vent lines there are two more that actually install into vents under and attached to the dashboard.   I've decided that the shifter will be on the drivers left side allowing the drivers seat to be rotated around when parked.
The duct work, vents and under dash lines for the AC/Defroster have been interesting. The small distributor is for the Hurricane Heat system, there are 5 of these through out the bus each with its own control.  The dash will be covered with the same ultra leather and padding as the ceiling on a 3/4" plywood base.  The cover for the grill and equipment will be finished cherry plywood 3/4".  The white plastic pipe on the center support for the windshields is the front drain for the roof top heat pumps, there are two drain lines one on each side of the bus with front and rear drains.

A better view of the frig.  I still have to put the insides back in and hook up the ice maker feed.  I had to drill through the tile floor to bring this water line in for the ice maker.  I think that the refrigerator was probably the most difficult to bring into the bus.  The next chore will be the counter tops.
Joe and I put the refrigerator in here earlier this Summer. I wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, taking windows out and reinstalling them wasn't a problem.  There will be a small cabinet over the top of the frig and a cherry panel will cover the exposed refrigerator.
I've finally started working on the chassis electrical, I guess its just the electrician in me putting this off for so long.  This panel will be wired here in the shop then installed in the front electrical cabinet.  All of the existing wires will tie in to the terminal block on the right side.  I have complete electrical drawings finally.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Well I finally took the time to find my way back in here, I'll be adding a few new photo's and updates I'm working again, after deciding to finish this project.  This past weekend my son Joe and I put the refrigerator in.  The side entry through the drivers side kitchen window worked out and will be the same option for installing the oven/stove and counter top.  Blogger has changed so I'll have to figure out the new format and process for posting photos.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

First wall in shower, two more walls then the ceiling.  The grout will be the same color as the floor's.
The toilet ready to be installed.
Shower floor is ready for grout after I install the walls and overhead tile.
Tile in the bathroom is in.
Tile in the kitchen area is grouted.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I've been busy with sanding walls and prepping walls and starting with the wall paper.  

This view I've put some insulation wrap over the windows to help with cooling the temps have been in the 100's 
Looking to the rear. With the outside temps hot this insulation wrap helped keep the temps in the low 70's with just one AC running.
This spot is where the refrigerator goes.      
Looking to the front!   
From the bathroom all of the ceiling panels are in and satisfactory. Whew!

This will be a hanging closet and drawer, there will be a double door that swings out for access. 

In the bedroom this is the start of the closet          and drawers. The cut out is the backup camera.

Another view of the bedroom.                          

Looking into the bathroom                               
Shower, the next project after the wall paper is finished      will be the ceramic tile floor and shower in both kitchen and bathroom.

Friday, June 22, 2012

This is the adhesive that I used.   This worked great.   3M 08090 (its called Trim adhesive) but 3M enginers said use this for the ceiling panels!  I found the best prices at Summit Racing at $16.95 per can (19 oz).
This ceiling panel project has been more than I could have ever imagined!  I didn't want the ultra leather to sag or wrinkle, it has been a project.  Stretching the ultra leather on the table and securing it to the table, eliminated any problems.
Another view of the ceiling tiles.  Once the adhesive is applied then I had the boxes and let the panel sit for about 4 hours.  I've learned that the secret to contact adhesives (other than using the correct one) is that clamping or weighing the panel down is the key!
I'm still working on ceiling panels and have been for the last 6 weeks.  I was having trouble with the adhesive I was using, three different types of adhesives until I finally found the correct one from 3M.  That snazzy frig in the background is for the bus!  Those boxes of tile are used to press the adhesive and bonding surfaces, each box weighs 50lbs.