Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This is one of the panels made for the sides I have 10 of these, they really did a great job on these, who ever paints this will really appreaciate these quality made panels. Posted by Picasa

Looking rear, i have to put two more braces and some cross bracing in. The two vertical pieces, will box in for the backup camera enclosure. Posted by Picasa

Right rear corner, kerfing. The rusty panel covering the engine will be cut out I had two new pieces fabricated to cover the engine compartment! Where the sections come together i again slid a section of tubing inside to strengthen the joint! Posted by Picasa

Well most of the pieces are welded in, it took so long working on the house i'm going to have to come back and clean the steel before i prime it! I will box a section in on the two back pieces for the backup camera! Posted by Picasa

Back of the bus stripped down, In this photo, i'm kerfing the corners and getting ready to weld the sections in! Posted by Picasa

I cut this section out way to much rush for me, I'll weld a flat piece back in here, actually its in better shape than i thought it would be! Posted by Picasa

Getting ready to start framing in the rear of the bus. Posted by Picasa
Back to work again on the bus, keeping up with the house, was time consuming this summer. Posted by Picasa